Project: Training activities in Centre of Expertise

Location: Durban and Cape Town

Period: 2012-2017

Project background

The Centre of Expertise for Water (CoE) in South Africa is established as a Non Profit Company. The metros of South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban) are members of this organization. The docking phase is aimed at the sustaining of the CoE on the long term. The CoE will continue the activities, being tailoring and demonstrating innovations in the South African water practice.

World Water Academy, as one of the founding fathers, is in charge for the capacity development and training.


AquaDactics executes several capacity development and training development and delivery during the Center of Expertise project (2012-2017):

  • Pilot Training of Trainers for Basics Wastewater Treatment (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation, 2012):  link
  • Course development Wastewater Treatment for Process Controllers (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation, 2013-2012): link
  • 3 years Training Plan for Process Controllers in KwaZulu Natal (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation, 2014)
  • Audit course materials like Carbon Footprint calculation, Asset management game, Trenchless technologies and UV Treatment (2014)
  • 1 day didactical training for managers in the Netherlands (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation, City of Cape Town and Johannesburg Water, 2014)
  • Various Masterclasses on didactical topics, like development, logistics and assessment (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation)
  • Course Development Water Distribution for first level response officers (with City of Cape Town, 2016): link
  • Process Controller exchange programme (with eThekwini Water & Sanitation and City of Cape Town, 2016-2017): link


Dutch Embassy in South Africa (financer), CoE (ZA), eThekwini Water & Sanitation (ZA), Vitens -Evides International (NL), City of Cape Town (ZA), Johannesburg Water (ZA), World Waternet (NL) and Your Man on Site (ZA).