Project: Process Controller exchange programme

Location: South Africa and The Netherlands

Period: 2016-2017

Project background

As one of the capacity development activities under the Center of Expertise an PC exchange programme between The Netherlands and South Africa was initiated and organised. Two PCs of eThekwini Water & Sanitation and two of City of Cape Town were selected by the management based on a prepared Terms of Reference. All selected got two or three assignments to execute during the programme, formulated by the management.

In March the PCs went to The Netherlands for a two week programme with dedicated field trips and workshops to experience the Dutch best-practices. The topics of the workshops were relied to the assignments of the PCs. Meanwhile the PCs got a trainings on the didactics and theory to be change agent. The South African PCs presented their findings and first results of the assignments finally.

In June the PCs organised some workshops to spread their knowledge, but also to discuss the implementation within the organisation. This process was supported by Dutch counterparts with didactical and content-related expertise. After all the management and engineers were briefed by the PCs


The aims of this exchange project were:

  • Showcasing some best-practices in The Netherlands and in South Africa
  • Solutions for urgent challenges in South African organisations (formulated by management)
  • Skills development to perform as Change Agent and in didactics
  • Knowledge exchange between South African and Dutch professionals
  • Knowledge exchange amongst South African professionals
  • Implementation of results with workshops in own organisation

AquaDactics supported this project under the umbrella of the center of Expertise in South Africa. AquaDactics co-developed the programme and facilitated in the execution in The Netherlands and South Africa (skills development for change agents, training of trainer and expertise on capacity development).


Dutch Embassy in South Africa, CoE (ZA), VEI (NL), Waternet (NL), eThekwini Water & Sanitation (ZA) and City of Cap Town (ZA)