Project: Pilot Training of Trainers for Basics Wastewater Treatment

Location: Durban

Period: May-October 2012

Project background

The Centre of Expertise in Durban considered training of water professionals as one of the priorities to maintain the gained knowledge and expertise. One of the first showcases was the set-up of a course on wastewater treatment for operators for eThekwini Water & Sanitation. The World Water Academy concept has been used as model for the development of the course and training of trainer programmes.


World Water Academy designed a four modular course Wastewater Treatment for operators on a wastewater treatment plant. The first module (Basics of Wastewater treatment) was elaborated to a course programme and supporting materials. South African professionals were trained and coached to become a trainer of their colleagues.


Dutch Embassy in South Africa (financer), Vitens-Evides International (NL), eThekwini, Water & Sanitation (ZA), World Waternet (NL) and Your Man on Site (ZA)

Further information