Project: Wetskills Water Challenge – South Africa 2016

Location: Durban, South Africa

Period: 2016

Project background

Wetskills-South Africa 2016 was already the third edition of the Water Challenge organised during the WISA conference in South Africa. Wetskills is a two-week event for international students and fresh graduates challenging them to come with out-of-box concepts for cases formulated by sector partners. The program aims at improving knowledge and skills of participants on international cooperation and teambuilding.


AquaDactics was one of the case owners. The AquaDactics Team came up with the Tapping the Untapped Mind Concept about Unlocking Experiential Knowledge and organising a grand challenge and Mentor-Mentee platform.


Wetskills Foundation (NL), Water Institute Southern Africa (ZA), Embassy of Kingdom of The Netherlands (ZA), Dutch Water Authorities (NL), Netherlands Water Partnership (NL) several South African universities (ZA)