Project: Improving Water Education and Training Skills in South Africa (iWETs)

Location: Cape Town

Period: 2011-2012

Project backgrounds

The quality and availability of qualified and experienced workers is more and more seen as a necessary condition to sustain economic growth of South Africa. The South African water sector is aware of the needs, but is lacking in the practical translation towards a structured programme to address the needs. iWETs investigated three interrelated topics for improvement of capacity development: water education, training and skills development World Water Academy provided the project management and the experiences water education and training in the Netherlands.


The result was presented in a report and provided an implementation plan proposing 20 projects. The project was presented and discussed at the WISA Conference 2012 in Cape Town.


Bank of Southern Africa (ZA – financer ) Transition, Facility (NL – financer) KCJ Consultants (ZA) and Blue Science (ZA)

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