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Water plays a key role in the development of a prosperous economy, a healthy population and a sustainable natural environment. Investments are foreseen to offer water supply and proper sanitation to all South African citizens. Assessments show a scarcity in the actual operating and maintenance skills. The retirement of highly experienced employees causes a brain-drain within the municipalities.

AquaDactics aims to save, structure, share and spread the experiential knowledge of the water professional. The experienced knowledge bearers are the future trainers of AquaDactics.

Hans-on Water Challenge: The new challenge for practitioners (NQF 3-4)

Practitioners are vital for the good performance of water infrastructure. They have a lot of knowledge on the ground, but is this knowledge used for making processes more efficient? People can learn by meeting each other, discussing and exchanging knowledge and learning skills. By stimulating this interaction, practitioners will be more energized to work in the sector; meanwhile the sector itself will get good ideas for improvements.

That is what the Hands-on Water Challenge is all about. This challenge (see: Programme – Hands-on Water Challenge) will start on Sunday 17 June and will end on Thursday 28 June in Cape Town. It is aligned to the WISA Conference, where the results will be presented. The programme is based on the proven concept of Wetskills Water Challenge, but for an other target group: Process Controllers, Operators, Artisans from various organizations in the South African water sector (NQF 3-4).

We are looking for participants (Leaflet Announcement for Participants) and water organizations in South Africa to formulate a case for one of the teams (Leaflet Call for Cases).

Interested candidates can register on the Registration page.

For more information: contact Johan Oost – [email protected].

Self-supportive NPC

AquaDactics is a South African NPO (Non Profit Company). We are actively supported by the World Water Academy, the leading training provider of the Dutch water sector (link). Aquadactics is an EWSeta accredited training organisation and ISO-9001 certified as well.

Our products and services are delivered in a cost-effective way. Our surplus is used to develop new programmes and courses, while updating existing ones.

Our customers are training providers like corporate training centers / academies of the Metro’s, CMA’s, Regional training centers, municipal infrastructure support agent, Universities of applied technology and colleges.

Products & Services

We provide all support needed for the development of practical curricula of water skills. We train and support trainers by selecting and structuring the available practical knowledge and adding modern methods to exchange. A wide range of courses in the field of drinking water production, water reticulation, wastewater treatment and water resources management are available and several courses are already dedicated to South Africa. Products & services are like:

  • Development of educational plans, curricula and programmes
  • Evaluation and adaptation of programmes
  • Training need analysis
  • Design and development of training programs and seminars
  • Practical curricula (accreditation, maintenance, quality assurance)
  • Training of trainer programmes
  • Development and management of exams
  • ‘Kick-off’ training programmes (from concept to first inception)
  • Preparing and moderating of knowledge exchange programme
  • Sindy Mthimkhulu
    Our Board members are passionate but being non sector experts,  they  need to build their capacity to  better understand their role within the RBA structure. Key knowledge areas include strategic oversight,  fundraising tools and management techniques and this training helps them and builds their confidence and knowledge in executing their role.
    Sindy Mthimkhulu
  • Musawenkosi Masilela
    The World Water Academy training river basin institutions in Swaziland on water governance in September 2016 inspires and empowered our board members.
    Musawenkosi Masilela
  • Anonymous participant
    The moderators have impressed the participants and we all learned how to do our presentations. I wish such seminars could be conducted frequently.
    Anonymous participant
  • Anonymous participant
    The interaction was great and everyone got a chance to participate. Also the style of how the seminar was conducted was fresh and new. It took it into a new direction and lots of lessons were learned.
    Anonymous participant
  • Seminar CMA Breede Overberg 2009
    Die geweldige baie inligting is van onskatbare waarde vir die pad vorentoe vir die CMA.
    Seminar CMA Breede Overberg 2009
  • Mohammed Dildar
    Focus was laid on didactics, based on the experiences of WWA. They were designed using so-called activating training methods, a system that is innovative to the water industry in South Africa. It entails development of balanced training material/media that is highly interactive and is designed to capture and hold the attention of the audience. This insures higher effectiveness of the delivered training.
    Mohammed Dildar
    EWS communique 224; 6 July 2015
  • Anonymous participant
    All trainees said they found the training enjoyable, creative and fun.
    Anonymous participant
  • Anonymous Superintendant-trainer
    I learned so many things, different methods of presenting the lessons. Making the audience involved, different styles of teaching and training. They made me an effective trainer.
    Anonymous Superintendant-trainer

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